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How To Prepare For APSC Interview ? ( Preparation Strategy By An APSC Topper )


Here is an article written by an APSC topper regarding how to prepare and appear for APSC interview process . Originally published during September 2018.

There is no confirmation about the date of declaration of APSC Mains result. However, those who are not very confident about facing an interview, preparation must start right away.

My public speaking skills are poor. I hardly can speak for 4-5 minutes at a stretch. But Interviews are not about the ability to speak for a longer duration. The answers should be short, sensible and up to the point.

Most of the questions asked during an interview are usually predictable barring a few. It is therefore important to be calm and alert during the interview so that whatever we say make sense. Practice does help in boosting the confidence for the interview.

The problem that often crops up while answering a question is not our ignorance. Rather, it is the confusion how to place the facts systematically. Lot of facts come to our mind immediately when a question is asked. It then becomes important to systematically arrange the facts in the mind before presenting the answer.

I am sharing a few tips from my own experience about how I prepared for the interview-

1) Reading newspapers, daily editorials are the primary things that one must do before interview. Updating oneself with the current issues and international events (preferably one year) is important.

2) Reading newspapers is important but having an opinion about the issues is equally important when it comes to preparation for interview.

I read newspapers regularly. After reading a particular news, I would try to make a summary and explain to myself. I would do it for consecutive 5-6 news items everyday.
Additionally, I would critically analyze any given topic and put out arguments in favour or against the given topic. That helps in thinking critically and answering the analytical questions.

3) The static part of General Studies paper should be revised again and again.

4) In the previous CCE interviews, candidates having different optionals were called on the same day. Thus, lot many questions are usually not asked on the optionals. It is however important to revise the basics of the optionals.

Again this varies from subject to subject, as candidates with Law and Political Science background were asked many questions surrounding their optionals.

5) Preparing one's own bio-data properly is very important. Every person is different and has an unique identity. Bio-data is the medium through which the uniqueness of different individual comes to light. It becomes difficult to defend oneself in subsequent questions if we try to project ourselves different from who we are in reality.

6) Language can never be a barrier.

 "Sorry Sir/Ma'am, I do not know this", is a much better answer any day, than bluffing and beating around the bush.

There will be few informal "Adda" sessions soon, before the Interview, where we would discuss ideas, debate fiercely, have brilliant arguments. I am sure we all will gain a lot from those upcoming sessions.

This article is written by Arpana Sarmah, Assam Land and Revenue Service, Batch of 2017.